Depil Ingrown Hair Lotion 125ml

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Depil Ingrown Hair Lotion 125ml: Immaculate Depil-Hair Ingrown Hair Lotion uses natural enzyme action technology to exfoliate skin which helps reduce the appearance of unsightly bumps and ingrown hairs. Suitable for bikini line, under arms, men’s face (beard) or any area associated with shaving and waxing.

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Key Ingredients:
Contains natural papaya extract, lemon myrtle and aloe vera to reduce the discomfort of ingrown hairs and soothe and calm the skin.

How to use:
For best results use in conjunction with waxing, tweezing, shaving, sugaring or electrolysis. Using on a regular basis may produce a noticeable difference in 3-4 days. Results can wary with different skin types. To maintain healthy skin: Men use daily after shaving and women use several times a week. Mineral oil, sulphate and Paraben free.


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