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An advanced exfoliation that gives skin a deep cleanse, detox and instant glow!

Hydradermabrasion deeply cleanses, exfoliates and stimulates the skin through an active detox solution, electroporation, suction and a diamond exfoliating tip.

This treatment uses our Skinsmiths Detox Serum, infused with Green Tea Extract, Aloe and Chamomile plus Hyaluronic acid

You can expect noticeable results immediately after a treatment, with skin feeling fresh, clean and hydrated – with no downtime needed!


Clear congestion Increase hydration Boost cell turnover for healthier skin Calm redness


This treatment combines exfoliation using a diamond tip, suction (clear those pores!) to remove dead skin cells and electroporation. Electroporation gently pulses electric currents through the skin to deeply penetrate our Skinsmiths detox solution meaning a better absorption of skin boosting ingredients.
Hydradermabrasion is one of our Skin Conditioning treatment options at Flawless. These appointments take 40 minutes.
A gentle exfoliation that clears pores and feels soothing and cooling.
To cleanse, exfoliate and clarify the skin! Dermaviduals specifically created this bespoke solution that is gently pulsed through electroporation to deeply penetrate: Green Tea Extract: packed full of antioxidants that work against the effects of ageing Aloe and Chamomile: soothes and calms irritation while the treatment exfoliates and removes dead skin cells Hyaluronic Acid: hydrates the skin and draws in moisture The result? Your skin is hydrated and soothed while gentle exfoliation rids of excess skin, dirt and grime.
You will notice that your skin feels clean, glowing and hydrated immediately after each treatment. At Caci we recommend ongoing Skin Conditioning treatments to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. It’s just like eating healthily and moving your body regularly—your skin health needs ongoing love and attention. We make regular treatments easy on our Skin Health Membership: Corneotherapy.
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